Air Emissions Control

To reduce the total gross emissions of natural gas combustion products (carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides), the Company introduced a Plan for the reduction of gas combustion at the flaring units of the platforms, OPF, and LNG plant as well as for the reduction of unplanned shutdowns at the LNG plant. As a result, the total gross emissions have decreased by 3 percent in 2012.
For the same purpose, gas turbines equipped with devices that help reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides, as well as flaring units with the additional gas supply system to improve its turbulence (which allows burning gas in sootless mode) are used at the facilities.
Fuel tanks are equipped with the pipe junctions of the system for recirculation of fuel vapours from the storage tank to the truck tank. The effectiveness of reducing the emissions of volatile hydrocarbons during refuelling has reached 90%.