Environmental Protection

Industrial Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Control and Monitoring
Biodiversity Preservation
Wildlife Rehabilitation

The environmental activity of the Company is based on the principle of prevention.
To avoid any risk of negative impact on the nature, it is necessary to exercise industrial environmental control and conduct local monitoring of the facility’s area.

Sakhalin Energy runs a number of environmental monitoring programmes at production facilities locations

Risk Insurance

Sakhalin Energy arrange and maintain mandatory and voluntary types of insurance including property and third party liability insurances. There are strict requirements to the insurers that participate in the corporate insurance program. The minimum acceptable credit rating for insurance companies is A- (Standard and Poor’s, or an equivalent rating from an internationally recognized rating agency). Russian and International contactors are also required to have appropriate insurance in place from the insurance companies with the credit rating A- or higher from S&P or an equivalent rating from an internationally recognized rating agency.

Environmental risks, including but not limited to seepage, pollution, are covered in the major corporate insurance policies with the separate increased limits.