Future tenders for surplus Assets sale - II quarter 2020

Additional information

The listed tenders for surplus materials and equipment sale to be held by Sakhalin Energy:

1) HP desktops (used, in working condition);

2) Broken motor of gas compressor ( contains ferrous and nonferrous metals);

3) Thermometers & Manometers (new gauges, no certificates available, Manufacturer - Stewart-Buchanan Gauges Ltd);

4) Miscellaneous materials: seal gaskets, lamps, filters, couplings, gauges, sealing tapes;

5) Spare parts for diesel centrifuge (Manufacturer- Alfa-Laval);

6) Completion equipment for wells on the oil rim;

7) Used electrical appliances and furniture (ranges, heaters, illuminators, tables, beds);

8) Laboratory equipment (Samplers, water analysis kit and other);

9) Lexus LS 600H (2010, EXW Moscow terms);

10) Laboratory equipment ICP VISTA MPX, model ICP0ES;

11) Cisco Telecom equipment ( ethernet modules, routers, switches);

12) Scaffolding (steel construction);

13) Electrical cable;

14) Cable trays (Manufacturer - Oglaeng System);

15) Test bench for pressure relief valve tests;

This announcement seeks to identify parties interested in participating in the tenders for Sakhalin Energy surplus materials and equipment sale. It is not an offer or announcement of tender opening.

Interested parties shall submit applications for participation by email to: in arbitrary form as an e-mail message indicating category of interested Assets and contact details of interested parties. 


All the materials will be sold on Ex-Works Sakhalin Region basis (loading by Seller).

Final date for submission of application for participation 30.06.2020, 18:00 Sakhalin time (GMT + 11)