The Participants of the Magical World of Vladimir Sangi Project Created their Own “Virtuous” Bears

The grand New Year’s project, the Magical World of Vladimir Sangi, dedicated to the Nivkh writer’s birthday, continues in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Its events are jointly implemented by the Literary and Art Museum of Chekhov’s Book Sakhalin Island and Sakhalin Energy with the support of the regional Ministry of Culture and Archives.

The first interactive class began with a screening of the cartoon titled “A Chipmunk in Search of a Friend” based on a fairy-tale of the same name by Vladimir Sangi, which premièred in the museum the day before. The young audience took great interest in the modern adaptation of the philosophical tale of friendship. “Now I know how chipmunks got the stripes on their backs. I had no idea! I need to tell my friend,” excitedly said seven-year-old Andrey after the screening.

Judging by the children’s reviews, they all equally enjoyed the cartoon, but their opinions split on whether the chipmunk found a friend. They did not get to debate for long − instead, the guests were invited to create their own “virtuous” bear who would never hurt his loyal friend. 


Under the guidance of Natalya Vedeneeva, Arts Club Teacher at the Sinegorye Cultural Centre, shapeless pieces of clay transformed in the children’s hands into adorable animals. According to the craftswoman, clay modelling is a very tricky art form. For example, one needs to know that before shaping the clay mass, it is important to knead it thoroughly to get rid of air bubbles. Otherwise, the figurine can simply disintegrate in the muffle furnace, where it is burned at 1,200 °С to make the clay strong and durable.


“The handling of this wonderful natural material brings immense joy and benefits, as the child is not distracted by different colours and can focus on working with dimensions. And, of course, you must love doing it and put your heart into it—then the clay item will become a truly original piece of art which the child will enjoy using and playing with and will take much pride in,” added Natalya Vedeneeva. 


“Today’s workshop was not only exciting but also very enriching for my two daughters. The three of us were so engrossed in the process of creating our masterpieces that we did not notice how time flew by. I think it is wonderful that this day brought us not only warm memories for the future but also three cute bears—it is basically a full family!” said Alina Protasova, an attendee of the workshop, about her experience. 


For the journey through the Magical World of Vladimir Sangi, the museum employees and the guest artists prepared an extensive festive programme: interactive classes, children matinees, workshops on paper silhouette and birch bark artworks, and beading traditional Evenki ornamental patterns. The organisers strive to have as many people see the new A Chipmunk in Search of a Friend cartoon as possible, that is why there will be two screenings a day during the New Year’s holidays.

The events are scheduled to continue until 15 January 2021. If you wish to attend them, please sign up in advance.

26 December 2020