Safety Experts from Sakhalin Schools

Winners of the online quiz, which took place on 14–18 December 2020 in 15 districts of the Sakhalin Oblast, have been announced. The quiz was held as part of the Safety Is Important partnership programme, a joint effort by Sakhalin Energy, the regional Ministry of Education and the Chief Directorate of the MChS for the Sakhalin Oblast.

Just like the quiz itself, the announcement ceremony took place online.

“Twenty questions of the quiz cover nearly all key safety topics. Many of them were rather difficult even for adults, so the quiz was no easy walk. There were three winners. The first place was awarded to Zlata Korshenko fr om the secondary school of the Sokol village. She had the highest score. The second place was awarded to Viktoria Alekseeva fr om the same school, and the third one went to Timur Amirov from school No. 7 at Okha”, said Andrey Palkin, Head of Civil Defence and Training, Civil Defence and Protection Department, Chief Directorate of the MChS for the Sakhalin Oblast.

Two more participants, Alina Samoylova from the Onor secondary school, and Nikita Semenets from the Shebunino secondary school, also received diplomas and memorable gifts. They demonstrated great results but were just a little behind the winners.  Recognition letters were sent to Departments of Education of the districts wh ere schoolchildren had given the highest number of the correct answers: Okha, Nevelsk, Smirnykhovsk and Dolinsk Urban Districts.


“I was very happy to take part in this event and I learned a lot about safety during the preparation”, said Viktoria Alekseeva, one of the winners.

The quiz is now available at the website of the Safety Is Important programme (, so everyone is welcome to test their knowledge. The website also offers a new cartoon about fire (smoke) alarms featuring Senya, the main character of the Safety Is Important programme. 

Mariya Skokova, Lead Specialist of the Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision, said that putting together an online quiz for the participants of the partnership programme, had been an unusual but promising task: “We have handled new opportunities for communication with children and will definitely use them in the future. In fact, we ended the year of 2020, wh ere we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the programme, with the quiz. At the same time, the event became a bridge into 2021. I think that this is quite remarkable, because this year has more exciting events as part of the Safety Is Important programme. Stay tuned for more details!


29 January 2021