Sakhalin Energy Presented a New Year Tale to Young Sakhaliners

The Magical World of Vladimir Sangi, a large winter project jointly implemented by the Island of Sakhalin Literary and Art Museum of Chekhov’s Book and Sakhalin Energy, was complemented with Storytime children’s New Year parties.

Young Sakhalin residents actively participated in the long-awaited events: together with Father Frost, Snow Maiden and snow assistants Fyoks, they managed to ‘save’ their favourite winter holiday. On New Year’s Eve, the leadership team of the fairy-tale world unexpectedly arrived to conduct an inspection: according to their Order on Winter Safety, it was prohibited to decorate fir-trees, to give any sweets to children, to sledge or skate.

The children attending the events immersed themselves into the world of adventure, striving to prove that Christmas tree decorations do not always break, moderate number of sweets does not do any harm, winter sports and games do not necessarily lead to injury unless safety rules are violated. The kids willingly showed their talents to the ‘inspector’: they danced the Dissenters’ March and ring dances, recited poems, participated in games and contests, demonstrating in every possible way that no holiday is possible without fun, gifts and, which is the most important, strict observance of safety rules.


Angelina Vostryakova, a resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, said: “I believe that my son will remember today’s story for a long time because he’s learnt so many useful things. It was a great New Year safety holiday! The atmosphere was warm and friendly; the children felt perfectly at ease and had lots of fun. We are so grateful to the organisers of the holiday! It was wonderful to see our kids happy and smiling, to learn how sincerely they believed in miracles!”


One of such miracles happened to eight-year-old Artyom: “I came to the party in a chipmunk costume, and it brought me luck—I met a friend fr om the kindergarten there. It was just like the story in the cartoon that we had seen in the museum.” 

Of course, the most delightful part of the event for the children was getting New Year gifts from Father Frost’s magic sack. Each of the guests received a copy of Sakhalin’s Fairy Tales as a souvenir to remember the holiday by. The colourful book, comprising ten stories of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities—the Nivkhs, the Uilta, the Evenks and the Nanai—will give the preschoolers a splendid opportunity to continue their fairy-tale journey at home. 


In addition to today’s New Year parties for children, a number of other festive events have been planned within the framework of the Magical World of Vladimir Sangi project. Young Sakhalin residents are invited to attend similar Storytime events on 3 January and 7 January 2021. The extensive New Year programme includes many more activities: interactive classes and workshops, wh ere children will learn how to make wooden garlands and carve relief panel pictures for decorating their homes, paint gingerbread with an icing glaze, and do a lot of other interesting things. In addition, each day until 15 January 2021, all visitors to the museum will have an opportunity to watch A Chipmunk in Search of a Friend—the new animated film based on Vladimir Sangi’s Nivkh fairy tale of the same name. If you wish to watch it, please call the museum and book seats in advance.

31 December 2020