Gorny Vozdukh: Volunteers on Guard of Safety

During the opening ceremony of the 60th ski season at the Gorny Vozdukh Sports and Tourism Complex in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the heroes of the Safety Is Important! programme Senya and his friend Vaska the Cat shared their knowledge about the rules of behaviour on mountain slopes.

Marina Ee, Head of Social Performance, Sakhalin Energy, reminded the opening ceremony attendants that in September 2018, on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Sakhalin Energy and the Sakhalin Oblast Government signed a Memorandum of Intent to cooperate in the development of Gorny Vozdukh STC. This document was a logical continuation of the pilot phase of the My Contribution to the Development of the Island project, aimed to support the volunteer movement on Sakhalin.


“Young Sakhalin residents who volunteered to take part in the project were engaged in the mass events at the Gorny Vozdukh complex. After appropriate training, they provided assistance and advice on various issues to the visitors of the complex, thus helping to ensure that everyone was comfortable and safe when engaging in various physical activities on the slopes of the mountain,” Marina Ee added. “I am happy that the project has successfully passed the test of time, and today the volunteers are here again. They are in high spirits, full of energy, and are ready to provide necessary support to everyone who needs it. Senya and Vaska the Cat help them in this work. I am sure that the involvement of young people in social activities through the development of volunteerism is an excellent opportunity for personal self-fulfilment of the younger generation and a significant contribution to the bright future of our region.”


Together with the heroes of the Safety Is Important! programme, volunteers not only answered the questions of the guests to the Gorny Vozdukh complex, but also asked questions themselves, providing the young skiers an opportunity to show their knowledge of how to behave before, during and after a descent.

“We had prepared the questions on the basis of publicly available information, including information posted on Senya’s website and on his Instagram page. It was important for us to make children understand that downhill skiing is not only an activity that brings us joy and excitement, but also one associated with certain risks, for which one must prepare in advance. I think we have coped with this task successfully,” said Olga Skorlova, head of the volunteer team.


In turn, the staff of the Gorny Vozdukh Sports and Tourism Complex did a great job to ensure that the guests enjoy the opening ceremony of the ski season: they conducted team games and prize drawings, played exhilarating music and demonstrated special effects during the evening mass descent with flashlights. They also delighted the audience with a neon performance on the stage, a snow groomer show, and festive fireworks. Needless to say, all these exciting events were organised with much attention to safety issues. After all, safety is an absolute priority, of which Senya never tires of reminding people, using the slogan: “Everyone must know this rule: safety’s our basic tool!”


27 December 2020