RUIE Ranks Sakhalin Energy among Sustainable Development Leaders

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) has announced the Russian enterprises ranked by its experts as leaders in the field of sustainable development and social responsibility. For five consecutive years, Sakhalin Energy has been recognised to be among the leaders in such categories as ‘Responsibility and Transparency’ and ‘Vector of Sustainable Development’.

The RUIE Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development has conducted the ranking since 2014. It is based on the indices used in the general analysis of the existing situation and sustainable development trends to identify leaders and best practices. Whilst known as the ESG indices (Environmental, Social, and Governance), they are commonly applied in the global assessment methodology to conduct independent expert appraisals of companies’ performance.

Elena Feoktistova, the RUIE's Managing Director for Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship, Deputy Chairman of the RUIE's Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Committee, and the coordinator of the Indices Project, says that the Russian ESG indices are currently represented by a range of tools for the integrated assessment of companies’ sustainable development drivers, which include the RUIE indices and the MOEX-RUIE stock indices with the shared titles ‘Responsibility and Transparency’ and ‘Vector of Sustainable Development’. They have been entered in the international database of SD indices and ratings as Russian ESG indices.

The RUIE conducts annual reviews of information from open sources and the publicly available non-financial records of those companies ranked as the top 100 major Russian enterprises from the RAEX-600 and RBK-500 lists.

In 2020, in the two key categories − ‘Responsibility and Transparency’ and ‘Vector of Sustainable Development’, 43 and 38 companies, respectively, have been nominated as leaders, with Sakhalin Energy as well as Gazprom, LUKOIL, NOVATEK, Rosatom, and others, among them.

Natalia Gonchar, Head of the Corporate Affairs Department, says that the leading position in the RUIE ranking held by the company for several consecutive years is a testimony to the maturity and continuous improvement of its CSR and SD Management System. “This proves yet again that the company has chosen the right path in dealing with CSR issues and contributing to the sustainable development of the region. Moreover, the RUIE indices help the business to identify new demands, directions, and opportunities for further progress and significant growth,” she added.

25 December 2020