Round Table on Corporate Accomodation Facilities in Sakhalin

Sakhalin Energy held a round table discussion with the Sakhalin hoteliers on the topic “Hotel Business During the Pandemic. COVID-19 Prevention and Response Measures.” The company invited to the round table representatives of the hotels from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Korsakov, which are used as temporary isolation facilities for Sakhalin-2 employees.

In his opening words Sakhalin Energy CEO Roman Dashkov said that thanks to quick decision-making by the Sakhalin Oblast Governor, the company managed to develop an integrated approach to coronavirus prevention. The company has established a General Coordinating Committee (GCC) with three functional task forces: Production, Financial Robustness, and Epidemic Prevention and Response. GCC is working 24/7 to coordinate and steer the operations as may be necessary with due account of the decisions made by the Federal and Oblast authorities. This enables the company not only to alleviate some of the challenges of the pandemic, but also to proactively assess and mitigate potential risks.

“I want to express our gratitude to Sakhalin Energy. You were among the first organisations who managed to develop with our support a process to prevent coronavirus importation,” said Galina Kovtonyuk, Deputy Head of Rospotrebnadzor Department for Sakhalin Oblast. “No regions in Russia are left COVID-free.  And the stream of passengers brings a serious threat of infection. Isolating a potential virus carrier from the public is one of the key measures to fight the coronavirus, and corporate isolation facilities such as the ones established by the company play a very important role,” she added. 

“The company requested hotels to support it in its efforts by providing rooms fully equipped in line with all requirements for the 2-week isolation of personnel.  We are extremely keen on proper observation and quality of this isolation period. Our key goal is to prevent coronavirus spread to our production assets and ensure that the assets remain sterile,” said Roman Dashkov.

Alexey Chun, Mega Palace Hotel General Manager, mentioned that Mega Palace observes all Rospotrebnadzor and Sakhalin Energy requirements when providing the isolation facility services. “This is an example when major businesses help small businesses to survive and even gain new experience,” said the representative of one of the largest hotels in Sakhalin.

The round table participants discussed the hot topics related to the stay of Sakhalin Energy's staff in the temporary accomodation facilities and shared the plans for the next crew changes in the south of the island.

“You are our partners in this process, although you may be far from actual production activities. It is in our mutual best interest to successfully deal with these challenging times and we will continue to support each other,” said Sakhalin Energy CEO in appreciation of the contributions of the meeting participants.

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13 May 2020