Sakhalin Governor Praised Sakhalin Energy Appoach

Sakhalin Governor Valery Limarenko praised the steps Sakhalin Energy has been taking to fight the COVID-19 spread in the region. This was stated during the traditional live session where the Governor spoke on the coronavirus situation in the region.

On 23 April, the discussion mainly focused on the social and economic situation in the Oblast. The Governor of the island region specifically stressed the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days for everyone arriving at Sakhalin.

He stated that the Oblast has managed to establish a system to fully control the epidemiological situation on the islands. Valery Limarenko was certain that Sakhalin Oblast had one of the best ratios of total coronavirus cases vs. recovered cases in Russia.

As an example of a good practice and responsible anti-epidemic behaviour, he described the Sakhalin-2 crew change operation to bring rotators to the island. He said that the preparation for the fight from Khabarovsk to Sakhalin took two days. With support from the Khabarovsk Governor Sergey Furgal, a separate venue was provided for Sakhalin Energy’s employees in Khabarovsk Airport to minimise COVID-19 risks. Working closely with Sakhalin Oblast Government and Rospotrebnadzor, Sakhalin Energy has developed a crew change system, which, among other things, includes charter flights from Khabarovsk to Nogliki. That was the flight that brought the rotator crews mentioned by Valery Limarenko. From Nogliki Airport they were immediately transferred to the temporary accommodation facility prepared by Sakhalin Energy. The people to be isolated there for 14 days.

Establishing such isolation zones is one of the measures of the company to protect the health of its own staff and contractors from the pandemic. These facilities have everything needed for a stay during two weeks before the start of the rotation shift. Sakhalin Energy’s restrictions and preventive measures to rule out coronavirus spread at the assets are put in place in a rapidly changing situation and fully comply with the requirements for employers set forth by the Federal and Sakhalin government authorities.

“Such responsible approach of the business is the key reason why we have 97% of Sakhalin Oblast economy still running while we’re fighting COVID-19. All most important sectors, including oil and gas production, continue to operate,” Valery Limarenko said. 

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Sakhalin Governor Valery Limarenko (photo from

29 April 2020