Information Session on 2020 Integrated Turnaround

Sakhalin Energy ran an information session to tell the federal and regional mass media about the upcoming 2020 Integrated Turnaround. The scope of the turnaround activities includes diagnostics, maintenance, repair and upgrade of equipment.

In 2020, it is planned to shut down all gas production facilities at a time to perform as many technical activities as possible. The June – July integrated gas system turnaround will cover LUN-A (including offshore pipelines), the Onshore Processing Facility (OPF), booster station No.2, gas onshore pipelines and Prigorodnoye production complex.

In 2020, in addition to the standard repair works performed annually the Company plans to execute some unique and complex activities as well. For example, maintenance of the main emergency shutdown valve will be conducted on LUN-A using a smart plug. OPF will be the key driver of the upcoming turnaround: the shutdown schedule will be adjusted based on the work progress at the facility. At OPF the main focus will be on the tie-ins required to connect the OPFC to the gas system. Moreover, it is planned to replace flare tips that will require large scale lifting operations. Gas loading hose replacement to be performed at LNG Plant for the first time in Russia. In total, over 1,100 technical specialists will be engaged in the turnaround activities at all the production facilities. The main repair works are expected to last about 30 days.  

As highlighted by Denis Lutsev, Sakhalin Energy Onshore Asset Manager, the most important thing is to complete all the activities safely. “If you look at what we aim to achieve there are three priorities. The first one is to perform all activities safely. We need no injuries and want each employee to return home safe and sound. The second one is the high quality of works. All activities should be done properly to avoid double work.  In addition, we need to ensure safe commissioning and reliable operation upon the turnaround completion. And the third one is to complete the entire scope without schedule delays,” told Denis Lutsev.


The turnaround campaign will help ensure safe and reliable operation of all Sakhalin Energy production facilities in future. The Company applies best Russian and international standards and principles in its business activities.

2020 LNG and Oil Shipment Schedule is aligned with the upcoming integrated turnaround.



2 March 2020