Salmon – Treasure of Far East

Sakhalin Bear Museum hosts an exhibition named “Salmon – Treasure of Far East”. The exhibition is supported by Sakhalin Energy as part of the Energy Social Initiatives Fund activities.

Bear is a national symbol of Russia, and salmon is associated with the Far East and Sakhalin Island, the shape of which resembles a fish. “It’s an excellent idea by the Sakhalin Bear Museum to combine these two concepts resulting in this project,” said ichthyologist Sergey Makeyev at the opening ceremony.

The organisers believe that preserving salmon population is a key challenge that can be resolved only with broad public engagement. That is why they intend to bring to public's attention the aspects of life of various salmon species, many of which are protected.

A special touch was added by installing an aquarium with live salmon inciting interest among children and adults alike. The plan is to install another aquarium with fry.

The exhibition brings the visitors to a mountain stream, seashore, or to a forest with a bear looking fr om behind a bush—the organizers showed the life journey of salmon in a very visual manner. There is a stand with detailed information about the fish: for example, here you can learn about its anatomy and even see its scales under the microscope.

A learn-and-play corner has been prepared for youngest visitors wh ere they can have some fun and solidify new knowledge by solving various quests. Some of the quests have been developed based on the materials created with support from Sakhalin Energy under two large projects – Sakhalin Salmon Initiative and Save the Salmon Together.

“Our company is committed to preservation of biodiversity in Sakhalin Region, and this exhibition is yet another step on our journey. I sincerely hope it will be popular with the public,” said Maria Skokova, Sakhalin Energy’s Social Performance Specialist.

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28 February 2020