Sakhalin Energy Hosts Another Dialogue in Preparing Sustainable Development Report

Sakhalin Energy held another dialogue with stakeholders in the Sakhalin Regional Universal Scientific Library. The meeting was arranged as part of 2019 Sustainable Development Report preparation.

The representatives of state and local government authorities, non-profit organisations, educational and cultural institutions, Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities, Sakhalin Energy partners for various social investment projects and Sakhalin community are always actively involved in the preparation of Sakhalin Energy SDR.  The first dialogue took place in November 2019 to result in a number of proposals considered in further preparation of the Report. 

As reported by Tatyana Derivedmid, Head of Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision, Sakhalin Energy strives to ensure transparency and awareness of all stakeholders about the subdivision’s performance. “The company has issued annual sustainable development reports since 2009. We choose the content of the Report based on the highest standards, best initiatives and practices in corporate and social responsibility, as well as the principle of relevance.  This means that stakeholders are also engaged in generating the content for the Report. We use different tools to identify the most relevant and important topics, such as discussions between Company leadership and personnel, public meetings, electronic surveys, and these dialogues,” she said. 

The 2019 Sustainable Development Report is focused on culture in its broadest sense, the culture of safe behaviour that helps Sakhalin Energy personnel avoid injuries and incidents not only at work but also at home; the culture of safe operation focused on improving efficiency and adopting cutting-edge technologies. Our priorities include continuous improvement, industrial safety, social responsibility, care for the environment and people, their education and development.

During the meeting Sakhalin Energy presented the 2019 performance results extensively covering other topics such as Russian Content and import substitution, HSE, social investments, etc.

The presentation aroused a great deal of interest among the meeting attendees. There were questions and comments regarding the delivery of Sakhalin Energy natural gas to the Russian Party, tax liabilities under the Sakhalin-2 project, the Company's readiness for OSR, potential for the use of renewable energy sources, engagement with the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities. 

The Sustainable Development Report will be published on the Company’s website in April 2020.


7 February 2020