Sakhalin Energy opens grant applications for the Educational Grants Programme

The Company has started accepting applications for the Educational Grants Programme.

The competition is open to Sakhalin students of secondary general education schools completing full general secondary education in 2020 and Sakhalin students of vocational colleges completing their first post-secondary (full-time) education in 2020, who wish to pursue higher education at one of the universities recommended by Sakhalin Energy which train engineers and technical experts in oil and gas and related industries.

The details about the eligibility criteria, list of required documents, contents and competition deadlines are available in the section Vacancies and Internships, subsection Educational Grants Programme.

Grant applications are accepted till 23 March 2020. For any further information please contact us by phone in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: 66 2594, 66 2066.

10 February 2020