Sakhalin Energy Holds Safety Workshop for Gorniy Vozdukh Ski Resort Volunteers

This was the second time such a workshop was held under the My Contribution to the Development of the Island Project (the first workshop was held in 2017). The joint initiative undertaken by SakhalinEnergy and the Gorniy Vozdukh Ski Resortaims to encourage volunteering on the island.

The Sakhalin-2 project operator has been helping the resort by purchasing gear for volunteers and, most importantly, by teaching them methods for, and approaches to, ensuring safety on the ski slopes. The young people provide assistance to tourists and visitors to the mountain. They take an active part in preparing and conducting sporting events as well as All-Russian and international competitions. Over the course of several weeks they are trained in various areas ranging from etiquette (rules of conduct for volunteers who meet, greet, and see off guests) to administering first aid, and to English skills required for accompanying foreign visitors.

In the new season, Gorniy Vozdukh has attracted an even larger pool of volunteers, which is warranted by the growing number of open pistes. There will be both old-timers (seasoned volunteers) and novices working on the slope. Among them will be schoolchildren from grades 9 through 11, students of vocational schools, technical colleges, and institutes, and young professionals who have already embarked on their career paths.

The workshop was attended by over 40 Sakhaliners; it consisted of two parts. During the first, theoretical part of the workshop, deputy head of the Corporate Safety & Health Division Alexey Zasutskiy gave the participants an overview of safety culture and highlighted the main elements of effective observation and intervention. "The volunteers should always note seemingly insignificant variances against the baseline and identify hazards that might potentially lead to an accident," he added.

The practical part of the workshop involved discussions in groups. The participants split into teams and continued working on the assigned task; they tried to find answers to the questions “What motivates you to think safety?” and “Why do people put themselves at risk”? The teams were also offered several cases in point for analysis. Each case concealed a potential hazard that needed to be either prevented or eliminated. The suggested solutions were highly praised by members of the Company’s HSE department.

“The primary motivation behind our thinking safety is the desire to live,” said one of the workshop participants. A member of another team added: “…what motivates us is the opportunity to help others, to promptly warn them of an emerging unsafe situation, and to prevent an accident.”

“Such events always give you a chance to learn something new, systematize your knowledge, compare notes, and make new acquaintances,” shares his impressions one of the volunteers.

The volunteers from Gorniy Vozdukh are already looking forward to the start of the skiing season when they will put their newly gained knowledge into practice.




19 December 2019