Sakhalin Energy Business Day Held at the Sakhalin State University

Sakhalin Energy held a business day at the Sakhalin State University. Cooperation between the company and the University in the field of graduate employment has been lasting for more than 20 years. This year, for the first time the event has brought together students in the walls of the Technical Oil and Gas Institute.

“We are pleased to cooperate with one of the most high-tech companies not only in the Sakhalin Oblast, but in Russia in general. Sakhalin Energy is an enviable employer for every graduate who intends to devote his/her life to the oil and gas industry. Therefore, do not miss the chance to speak with the company’s employees, which may become your ticket to the company,” said Nikolay Barmin, acting Rector of the Sakhalin State University, in his opening speech.

According to Sakhalin Energy HR Director Alexander Sheykin, today more than 400 SakhSU graduates work in the company, about 150 of them having started working in the past few years. “This means that each of you has the opportunity to get a unique experience in one of the largest oil and gas projects in the world,” Alexander Sheykin addressed the students. “We are still very interested in talented graduates and are now focusing on young Sakhalin employees. Therefore, our doors are open to anyone who wants to become part of the large Sakhalin-2 team.”


The HR Director added that about 15–20 specialists apply for one vacant position in the company. The requirements are quite high, but such a competition will be easy for every graduate, who, in addition to successful studies at the university, will have something to surprise the employer, such as a well-written CV, outstanding communication and leadership skills, knowledge of a foreign language, etc. Today, students were able to try their hand at these skills during a business game, quick interviews and oil and gas business testing. The most active of them will be invited to the LNG Plant and will visit the “holy of holies”—the company’s Technical Directorate.

To help university students understand in which areas they will be able to realise themselves, Sakhalin Energy specialists from the Production and Human Resources Directorate told about the company’s assets, achievements, and projects. Special attention was given to “three sisters” of the Sakhalin-2 project—oil and gas producing platforms that have repeatedly led the rating among Shell offshore drilling platforms in terms of labour safety and environmental protection. And this despite the fact that it is these assets which the company’s record performance is associated with: drilling the most complex well in the world, replacing two deck cranes on an operating offshore platform, which has become the first such experience in the Russian oil and gas industry, etc.

Taking into account the students’ most pressing question, Sakhalin Energy specialists prepared information on the company’s employment programmes for young Sakhalin residents, which was presented to potential colleagues by the Deputy Head of HR Subdivision Sergey Korovin, a graduate of the Sakhalin State University. He noted that at this stage of obtaining a professional education, students should think about how to do training at Sakhalin Energy. He cited statistics as an example: this year, 50% of the vacancies of young professionals were filled by those students who had already done so. Those who have not yet joined their ranks still have time—they should submit documents before 1 April 2020.

In addition, priority conditions have been worked out for graduates of Sakhalin universities to enter the Graduate Development Programme, which provides unique career opportunities. Moreover, the programme provides for the recruitment of personnel not only for engineering and technical vacancies, but also for positions with corporate functions that are in demand in the company’s Commercial, Financial and other Directorates. As regards Sakhalin Energy Traineeship Programme, it is focused on professional development and further employment of young Sakhalin residents with completed training in the working occupations required by the company.

“On the way to today’s event, I expected only to get acquainted with information about employment opportunities in the company. But having listened to it to the end, I realised that we must act now! It turns out that there are a lot of opportunities to become the company’s employee and it’s not difficult to use them in reality. The main thing is not to be late and to show determination,” one of the future graduates of the Technical Oil and Gas Institute shared his impression.

In the near future, Sakhalin Energy will begin a joint project with the Institute of Technology for designing Institute hall with photographs and information about the company. This will allow students not only to get to know production facilities and occupations demanded by the company, but also to understand in which areas they can realise themselves to the maximum. And to do this, each of the participants of the business day needs to successfully master the necessary knowledge that will allow them to pass the first adult exam after the graduation—finding a decent job.


21 November 2019