Winners of Energy in Volume Contest Announced

The winners of the contest of handcrafts and drawings run as part of the Energy in Volume exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Sakhalin Energy were announced at the exhibition closing ceremony held in Literary and Art Museum of the Book of A.P. Chekhov Sakhalin Island.

As part of the exhibition targeted at future oil and gas specialists and economists studying at Sakhalin State University, Sakhalin Energy employees gave a number of lectures on the Sakhalin-2 project sharing information about HR policy and vacancies, Graduate Development Program and Student Internship, Company production facilities, hydrocarbon production and transportation etc. It is noteworthy that the lectures were given by Sakhalin Energy young engineers who had previously also completed student internship and now could share their experience with future colleagues.    

The biggest surprise for the exhibition visitors were master classes on painting with crude oil run by Lyudmila Pokachalova, an artist fr om Khabarovsk. Sakhalin residents showed a great interest in the unusual master classes as they were fully booked in the first few days already. Both professional and amateur painters, as well as young art lovers attended the master classes to learn the secrets of painting art and try their hand in creating crude oil sketches.

“The main outcome is that Sakhalin residents and guests now better understand the specifics of the oil and gas industry”, noted Head of Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision Tatyana Derivedmid in her speech at the closing ceremony. “The exhibition was visited by hundreds of people, dozens of students attended the lectures given by Sakhalin Energy specialists, and master classes on crude oil painting also received full attendance. In addition, we managed to attract preschool- and school-aged children who learned more about Sakhalin-2 Project and took part in the arts contest.” 


The contest of handcrafts and drawings was run among 5- to 15-year-old youth by the Association of Sakhalin Museums with the support of Sakhalin Energy.

The children could demonstrate their artistic talent in a few categories. For example, participants competing in Energy in colour category were to depict one of Sakhalin Energy production assets or any activity associated with Sakhalin-2 Project. Similar topics were covered under I create energy category wh ere participants presented their handmade articles made from various materials. Participants could submit for the competition both individual and group projects.

Winners in I create Energy category:

Alisa and Anna Pavlovskye (11 and 14 years old): Energy is on the right path – open the doors to welcome it!

Ivan Atalyan (5 years old): Station

Roman Klimov (5 years old): Prigorodnoye production complex at sunset 

Winners in Energy in Colour category:

1st place – Pavel Sabirov (10 years old): Preservation

2nd place:

– Alina Pavlovskaya (7 years): Your car is driven by Sakhalin Energy

– Alina Komissarova (7 years old): untitled project

3rd place:

– Marianna Bolotina (7 years old): untitled project

– Ulyana Zhomova (7 years old): untitled project

Marina Khristoforova (5 years old) with her project Oil platform was the winner among pre-school children.

Winners of the special jury award:

Polina Galtseva (7 years old) – For fertile imagination

Dmitry Rak (7 years old) – For environmental responsibility

Dmitry Panov (5 years old) – For accurate work

Pavel Sabirov (5 years old) – Audience choice Award

“All projects were interesting and unique, it was hard for the Jury to choose the winners”, noted Evgenia Firsova, President of the Association of Sakhalin Museums. “We express our warm congratulations to young craftsmen and artists and wish them further creative success and new achievements.”

In addition to diplomas, the winners were awarded with the exclusive edition of Energy for Growth 3D book and other presents from Sakhalin Energy, while all other participants received certificates and consolation prizes.


22 October 2019