Sakhalin Energy Has Completed a Series of Lectures on the Sakhalin-2 Project for Students

The Company has completed the series of lectures on the Sakhalin-2 project, which was held at the Sakhalin Island Literary and Art Museum of the Book of A. P. Chekhov. It was one of the events held as part of the Energy in Volume exhibition, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Sakhalin Energy.

During the lectures, Aizhan Utegenova, Engineer at the Prigorodnoye Asset Analytical Laboratory, addressed second- and fourth-year students of the SSU Technical Oil and Gas Institute as future colleagues. A former participant in the Graduate Development Programme, she told the audience first hand how important it is to not lose motivation when you do not succeed in achieving your goal the first time you try. Aizhan provided her own example: wishing to get a job with Sakhalin Energy, she had not realised her dream until only after her fourth attempt.

“If the door before you is closed, look for another one—this is the only way to achieve your goal. Besides, it is very important never to stop working on yourself in the meantime. And you, my dear future colleagues, have enough time for this: Sakhalin Energy provides an opportunity for university graduates to realise their capabilities under the Graduate Development Programme within three years after graduation. There are few other companies that offer such programmes to young people. Please remember that education is not preparation for life—it is life itself,” Aizhan Utegenova advised the students.

She told future oil specialists about their prospects if they came to work at the first LNG Plant in Russia. In particular, graduates participating in the Graduate Development Programme which have completed training in the Oil and Gas Business can develop in various areas. For example, they can participate in the selection of candidates for the vacant positions of engineers in various process areas: equipment reliability, improvement of production processes, design engineering, and others. On the one hand, these jobs are quite different; on the other, they are interconnected and equally important for the effective coordinated work of the plant as a whole.

At the same time, young specialists can develop under the continuous improvement programme at Sakhalin Energy irrespective of the position they occupy. This process takes up an important place in the work of the entire analytical laboratory, which provides services for testing various samples of potential marketable products from the Company’s assets, primarily oil and gas. For example, the introduction of new methods and equipment makes it possible to reduce the cost of testing certain specific samples that otherwise would have to be sent to laboratories in other cities of Russia and even abroad.

Customers always keep product quality under strict control. In particular, they are very demanding about oil parameters such as density, pressure of saturated vapours, sulphur content, and so on. As for analysing natural gas, it is important to monitor its component composition, in particular, the content of mercury, sulphur, and oxygen. For instance, the presence of mercury can cause transient corrosion, which in turn will inevitably lead, sooner or later, to equipment breakdown or damage to the pipeline. Therefore, feed gas, which is a multicomponent mixture, is cleaned of liquid, solids, mercury, and the so-called acid gases before liquefaction. By the way, the Sakhalin LNG Plant was the first facility in the world to use the double mixed refrigerant gas liquefaction technology, specially developed by Shell for Sakhalin-2 project.

In conclusion, Aizhan Utegenova pointed out the important components of a successful career for each university graduate. From her experience, she knows that it is necessary not only to get appropriate technical education, but also to speak English at a decent level, which is now an essential skill—a bilingual company cannot do without this means of communication. Well-developed soft skills, which ensure a most effective information exchange within a team and are aimed at achieving a common business goal, is another indispensable requirement. By the way, SSU students can develop their soft skills even now, interacting with Sakhalin Energy engineers—so far, by playing sports together. By prior agreement with the university, everyone willing can join the Company’s ultimate frisbee team at the Sakhalin Energy sports club.

“I attended all three lectures, delivered by the Company employees, and my motivation grew more and more after each of them. The opportunity to play the team game with a flying disk together with my future colleagues was the most pleasant bonus, and it will surely benefit me personally,” Nikolay Shcherbakov, a second-year student, shared his impressions.


12 October 2019