Large-Capacity Equipment for the Sakhalin-2 Project Booster Station Delivered to Sakhalin

The unloading of the barge, which had brought 22 units of large off-size equipment for the Onshore Processing Facility Compression Project, was completed in the Lunsky Bay area on 3 August.

The equipment had made a long journey from St. Petersburg and Shanghai to the port of Masan in South Korea before it was delivered to the point of destination on Sakhalin. A temporary offloading unit (TOU) was specially built for the transport barge to moor to. For this purpose, a transit barge was placed on the bottom of the bay at the shore and connected to the access road with pontoons and ramps. The transport barge moored to the TOU on 28 July. The mooring operation, which required pinpoint precision, lasted about five hours. Then it took five days to unload the equipment. The operation was carried out by 74 people from 11 companies.

Separators, a scrubber and other process vessels delivered to the company were placed on a temporary storage site to await subsequent installation on the prepared foundations. The received cargo included two separators manufactured by Izhorskiye Zavody. Sakhalin Energy has never used domestically made equipment of this kind. Each of the separators weighs 530 tonnes.

It should be pointed out that this is not the first time that Sakhalin Energy receives such heavy equipment: in 2004, process vessels for the OPF were delivered in the same way. When the installation of the received equipment is completed, the TOU will be dismantled, the transit barge will depart, and the territory of the temporary storage site, the access road and the TOU itself will be reclaimed.

According to Andreas van den Dries, OPFC Project Manager, the successful delivery of this exceptionally heavy and oversized equipment to Lunsky Bay is an important milestone for the project. "I want to note the excellent teamwork of equipment manufacturers from Russia and China, logistics specialist companies from Russia, South Korea and the Netherlands, and the design group for the construction of OPFC. The operations of mooring the barge and unloading equipment were well prepared and performed professionally and safely ahead of schedule".

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5 August 2019