Three Projects for Korsakov Municipality Sustainable Development Receive Funding

The regular meeting of the Korsakov Sustainable Development Partnership Council was held in Korsakov. Following the meeting it was decided to allocate funds for the best projects of the first round of the grants competition.

The main purpose of the competition is to help resolve the socially important issues of Korsakov Municipality or separate social groups by supporting initiatives proposed by the residents. Non-profit organisations registered and operating within the municipality are eligible to participate in the competition. 11 applications were received in the first round. The Council was to evaluate them and choose projects to be funded.

In 2019 all applications received were first evaluated by the independent expert council based on a few criteria: urgency of the issue, social effect from the project's implementation, budget justification etc. For more details about the evaluation system please see Guidelines for expert review of projects.

Based on the expert evaluation and comments a rating of projects was developed: out of 11 applications one was not compliant with the requirements for the format, another three did not meet the pass mark, and only seven reached the Council.

Following the meeting it was decided to allocate funding for the following projects (subsequent to their finalization in line with the recommendations of the Council’s members and experts): We are together (Municipal Kindergarten No. 8) and interactive museum Generations Memory (Municipal educational institution Dachnoye school). Another project initiative, Space in the Puppet Theatre (Okean cultural and leisure centre), is also chosen by the Council to receive funding in case of the positive conclusion of additional technical expert review.

The coordinators of other projects were recommended to elaborate their ideas for projects and present them at the next competition.

“The Company’s social investment programme in Korsakov is actively developing. This year a new mechanism of evaluation of competitive projects was introduced. And we can confidently say that the approach has paid off: with this practice in place, we engage experts from Korsakov and Sakhalin Oblast in the process of project evaluation, which allows not only to choose the best projects but also develop the applicants’ potential by providing experts’ feedback on their projects,” – told Anna Lygina, lead specialist of Sakhalin Energy social performance division.

Sakhalin Energy programme of sustainable development and social Investments in Korsakov Municipality has been running for 15 years. The Korsakov Partnership Council for Sustainable Development is responsible for strategic management of the programme. The Council is an effective and transparent mechanism that accommodates the interests of various parties. The Council consists of 9 members, three representatives of each party: Sakhalin Energy, Korsakov municipality government agencies and the public.

24 July 2019