Sakhalin Energy Attended the Meeting of the Working Group on Business and Biodiversity Conservation

The first meeting of the Working Group on Business and Biodiversity Conservation chaired by Russian Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment was hosted by Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as part of the “Ecology” national project.

In the opening speech, the Deputy Minister highlighted that the Working Group’s aim is to improve biodiversity legislation and develop corporate programmes for conservation of threatened animals and plants.

“We are at the beginning of a long journey to preserve threatened and endangered animals. They are in need of special care and protection. The Development Plan for Business and Biodiversity initiative, which includes a set of environmental and awareness campaigns, was prepared by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in collaboration with socially responsible companies. This will be a hard and interesting challenge for all of us. We hope that we will have an open cooperation in a spirit of partnership”, said Ms Panova.        

The meeting was attended by twenty major Russian companies. They expressed their willingness to support significant environmental projects, in collaboration with government authorities and public organisations, to mitigate impact on biodiversity.

As part of the Road Map for the initiative development, Sakhalin Energy proposed to have an Oiled Wildlife Response Training in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in October 2019. This will provide a unique opportunity for the business to be directly involved in the process. Readiness for remediation of oil spills will ultimately contribute to reducing the impact on certain species and the environment as a whole.

At the end of the meeting, the parties acknowledged the information on development of the Action Plan for certain recovery and reintroduction programmes in respect of some species of threatened and endangered animals.

17 July 2019