Regional Traditional Sports Competition Among SIM Children Approaches Finish

The referees of the National Sports Spartakiad for children representing the Sakhalin North Indigenous Minority Peoples have finalized the outcome of the competition that took place in the village of Chir-Unvd, Tymovsk District, on July 4. The contestants competed in sled hurdling, throwing weights, and folk wrestling.

Sled hurdling is one of the most challenging national sports. “At one event,” recalls Vladimir Vodnev, the Spartakiad's chief referee, “I suggested that Oleg Saitov (Chairman of Sakhalin Oblast Duma’s Standing Committee for Sports, Tourism, and Youth Policy / two-time Olympic boxing champion – Editor’s note) should try his hand at this unusual sport. He did give it a go and confessed that, as great an athlete as he was, he’d been having a hard time doing the exercise.”

Quite a few young contestants, however, managed to surpass the 100 hurdle mark. In this category, fortune smiled on the contestants fr om Okha District, with the greater number of hurdles cleared by Darya Valiyeva, Polina Abramova, Artyom Kuyran, and Anton Evskin. They were joined by Milana Kushtova (Poronaysk District) and Maxim Aksyonov (Nogliki District).
Прыжки через нарты.jpg
Sled hurdling

The best weight throwers were Natalya Makarova, Arina Pannik, and Nikolay Tyvun from Okha District, Elena Mugdina from Tymovsk District, Artyom Sadgun from Smirnykhovsk District, and Nikolay Khivkin from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The outcome of the folk wrestling competition will be announced later.

Valeria Samarskaya, a regular participant from Nogliki, shared her impressions of the teams: “The teams are very united: competitive and full of fighting spirit as they are, everyone is very supportive of one another. I’m set on taking part and winning next year!”

After the main event, the contestants take an active part in history nights, various master classes and discos.
мастер класс.jpg
Master class

For Valery Yurgan, it was the first time he had attended a master class in fish skin crafting wh ere he made an amulet. “It was a little tricky at first but I quickly got the hang of it. I’m studying at the Sakhalin Polytechnic Center to become a landscape designer and I’m sure I will be using traditional ornaments in my future work,” said Valery. He added that, unfortunately, it was the last children’s Spartakiad he attended—he was turning seventeen soon. But he intends to keep following the games and rooting for his friends. 

A running-with-weights competition and a tug-of-war team contest will take place on July 5, on the day of the Spartakiad closing and awards ceremony.
Competition participants


5 July 2019