Regional Traditional Sports Competition Among SIM Children Finished on Sakhalin

On the closing day, competitions in triple national jump, running with weights, and tug of war took place.

In triple national jump, among youths, there was no match for Artem Kuyran (Okha District), Nikolai Khivkin (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), and Roman Darovskikh (Poronaisk District). Milana Kushtova (Poronaisk District) gained the lead among younger girls, Iolanta Demidova (Poronaisk District), among girls, and Arina Pannik (Okha District), among juniors. Iolanta Demidova said that she had taken part in the Competition for the first time. “It is this discipline that I have always been very much afraid of, therefore, I was training myself a lot. I’ve managed to compose myself, to overcome my fear and succeeded,” added the girl. The participants’ excitement is fully justified, because three consecutive jumps without stopping require of an athlete not only jumping ability and coordination but also strength: not without reason, a legend has it that precisely such a jump (with both legs) saved a hunter from a wolf pack in tundra.

In the discipline of running with weights, in the men’s group, Artem Kuyran (Okha District) appeared to be the fastest among younger athletes, there was no match for Anton Evskin (Okha District) among youths and, among juniors, Maxim Aksenov (Nogliki District) was hardier than his peers. Natalia Makarova (Okha District), Daria Valeeva (Okha District), and Tatiana Troyanova (Nogliki District) became the best girl runners of that day in their groups.

And the next team competitions in tug of war became a peculiar kind of game of strength during which young ‘herculeses’ from Smirnykh District demonstrated their exceptional will to win and hardiness. For the first time in the 15-year history of the competitions, they managed to win a victory over experienced champions of previous years, the victory that will be retained in their memory for the tears of joy, including in the eyes of their fans... In the opinion of the young athletes, credit for this result largely goes to their coaches.

Besides, results of previous days became known. Artem Kuyran (Okha District), Nikolai Khivkin (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), and Nikolai Tyvun (Okha District) gained the lead in spectacular national wrestling. Alexey Cha (Nogliki District), Sergey Zenchenko (Tymovsk District), and Matvey Erin (Okha District) became the craftiest in tynyan throwing onto a khorey.

In the evening, a solemn ceremony of the Competition closing and honouring of winners took place. Alexander Sharov, SIM Division Head at the Sakhalin Oblast Government, thanked all the participants for preservation and promotion of indigenous people’s traditions. In his opinion, it is necessary to create a federation for national sports in the Oblast. “It is important to remember one’s history, one’s origins. And only by combined efforts we will help to accomplish the tasks aimed at development of national sports,” Alexander Sharov added.

Finally, the overall winners were announced, and the list of athletes who have taken the largest number of the first places as individuals contained six names. These are Artem Kuyran and Natalia Makarova in the younger group, Anton Evskin (Okha District) and Iolanta Demidova (Poronaisk District) among young people, and Maxim Aksenov (Nogliki District) and Polina Abramova (Okha District) among juniors.

In the team all-around competition, the Okha District team took the first place, the Poronaisk District athletes won the Silver, and representatives of Nogliki rounded out the top three medallists.

The youngest participants, coaches and mentors were awarded special prises. Enthusiasts deserve special credit. During 15 years, Natalia Vasilievna Sangi, Natalia Konstantinovna Chaika, and Vladimir Vladimirovich Agnyun have been making invaluable contribution to development of national sports, sharing their experience and knowledge with the young generation.

It is owing to the combined efforts that another story of the holiday of strength of mind and respect for ancestral traditions has been written, all the story participants being its authors in their own right. At the end, Yulia Zavyalova, Lead Specialist of the Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision, noted that, in the International Year of Indigenous Languages, all participating teams had introduced themselves in their native language, and athletes from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, even in three languages of the people living in the central city of the Oblast. She suggested continuing this tradition.

And, certainly, not just this one but also many other traditions will be successfully carried on, because, as a result of a contest, the Competition now has its mascot that is sure to bring it good luck. Semyon Dmitrievsky who was a participant of the competitions just several years ago and is now training the Poronaisk team has proposed a chipmunk for the role of the mascot. The very chipmunk from a Nivkh tale: “he usually sits on an upper branch of a tall alder tree and, just like a squirrel, with his bushy tail on his back, calls in a soft voice: “Tut... tut... tut...”. He says that to everyone seeking his friendship...

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6 July 2019