Presentation of Home Safety Board Game Took Place in Districts of the Sakhalin Oblast

In three districts of the Sakhalin Oblast, presentation of Home Safety board game took place. The events were attended by about 180 schoolchildren from Korsakov, Nogliki, and Poronaisk.

What is to be done is there is a fire in a flat or a stranger is ringing the doorbell? And what is the right way to warm up food on a stove or in a microwave oven? Boys and girls were answering these and other thematic questions on situations under supervision of experts from the District Education Subdivision and the Main Department of MChS for the Sakhalin Oblast. They were assisted in that by volunteers together with the popular cartoon character Senya, the main hero of Safety Is Important! programme, and his friend Vaska the Cat, being the children’s favourites.

“It is great that the project has been presented in several districts of the island. Home safety is an important topic which is especially relevant in summer, when many children stay alone at home, and there is a higher risk of various unsafe situations,” noted Ivan Sukhotin, State Inspector of Poronaisk District on Fire Supervision.

In the opinion of Anna Lygina, Lead Specialist of the Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision, it is important that the knowledge received would not remain a part of the game but would contribute to building not only children’s but also grown-ups’ culture of safety. “During the game, you learned about the rules which you should remember and tell both your peers and parents about, as they will be surely happy to see your knowledge,” Anna Lygina said to schoolchildren of Korsakov.

She was supported in that by Lyudmila Voronina, Manager of a school recreation camp in Nogliki, who believes that such events should be held systematically, involving not only children but also grown-ups in them. And it is a game that creates ideal conditions for that.

The project united several Russian regions. All illustrations for the game were made by a painter from Yakutia, experts from Vladivostok prepared the thematic content, and all that was brought to life by Krasnoyarsk specialists who took pains to ensure perfect quality of graphic art of the new game for schoolchildren. Sakhalin acted as the coordinator, besides, representatives of the Main Department of MChS for the Sakhalin Oblast, Rossoyuzspas public organisation, Sakhalin Energy, and the island’s teachers rendered expert support.

At the end of the events, it appeared that there were no losers: all teams were presented with the main prize, Home Safety game, which is sure to contribute to children’s safe behaviour at home.

The game was developed as part of Safety Is Important! programme whose partners include the Main Department of MChS for the Sakhalin Oblast, the regional Ministry of Education, and Sakhalin Energy.


7 July 2019