Regional Traditional Sports Competition Among SIM Children Continues in Tymovskoye. The Winners of the First Day of Competition Announced

After the opening ceremony of the Competition, teams competed in four traditional sports.

Anastasia Zhukova (Smirnykh District) and Artyom Kuyran (Okha District) were the best in cross-country running with a stick among the youngest athletes born in 2007–2009. Darya Valieva and Anton Yevskin, who represented the Okha District, were the first to finish among the teenagers aged 13 to 15. Tatyana Troyanova and Maxim Aksyonov fr om the Nogliki District showed the best results among the juniors.

Artyom Sadgun (Smirnykh District) paid a tribute to the legendary William Tell and became the best archer in the youngest group. The winners among teenagers were Tatyana Kolka and Nikolay Khivkin, both from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Matvey Yerin from the Okha District was the keenest shooter among the juniors.

As Aleey Limanzo, a SIM representative in the Sakhalin Oblast Duma, admitted, these competitions made him remember his childhood, when he and his friends threw an axe and shot a bow. His favourite sport, however, was traditional wrestling. Alexey is convinced that the acquired skills will prove useful for the children in their adult life, especially if they will engage in the traditional activities of indigenous ethnic groups.

The most dexterous among the girls at throwing an axe were Valeria Samarskaya (Nogliki District) and Snezhana Artyukhina (Tymovsk District). Anton Yevskin (Okha District), Alexey Tuvtugin (Tymovsk District) and Semyon Reznik (Poronaysk District) were the best among the boys.

As the chief judge of the competition, Vladimir Vodnev, stressed, throwing an axe is a hard task that takes special technique. Unfortunately, a unified methodology has not yet been developed for this sport, which prevents athletes from showing better results. However, in some Sakhalin municipalities, there already are coaches for traditional sports, so perhaps the situation will change in the near future. “In one of his novels, Chingiz Aytmatov described mankurts — the people who were forced to forget who they were and wh ere they came from, who their ancestors were. We must not let this happen. The children should remember their roots, and such competitions help them do this,” he added.

Today, the young athletes will try their hands in tynzyan throwing and jumping over sledges, one of the most difficult sports. The judges will name the strongest in traditional wrestling competitions.

In the evening, all the participants will be able to take part in workshops: Yulia Ivanova will show how to make kitchenware from birch bark, and Olga Reznik will prove the fact that you can make true works of art out of fish skin. 

The event is supported by the Sakhalin Oblast Government and the administration of the Tymovsk Municipal District. The general sponsor of the Competition is Sakhalin Energy.


4 July 2019