Sakhalin Energy Supports the Child Safety Event

On 1 June, the International Children’s Day, a public event dedicated to child safety was held in Gagarin City Park, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Sakhalin Energy made a considerable contribution to arranging the interactive playground for children and their parents.

On the first day of the summer, the capricious Sakhalin weather made an unpleasant surprise for young residents of the island: an unexpected downpour soaked the city. Sakhalin Energy, however, congratulated the children in a much more agreeable way — they received many useful gifts from the popular cartoon character Senya, the main hero of the Safety Is Important! programme.

Every child who correctly performed set assignments under the guidance of experts — representatives of the Main Department of MChS for the Sakhalin Oblast, the EMERCOM State Inspection of Small Vessels, the All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organisation, the Sakhalin Traffic Police, the V.A. Polyakov Search and Rescue Team and the Rossoyuzspas public organisation—was given an opportunity to win an instant lottery and receive a present.

The contest was held at five training sites. The competitors were to prove their knowledge of fire safety rules, summer water safety rules, road traffic safety rules, and rules of behaviour in various emergency situations. They had an opportunity to test their swiftness by quickly and correctly putting on lifejackets. They tried on personal protective equipment and also received training in first aid using a special dummy.

The game zone arranged by Sakhalin Energy volunteers was especially popular with the young participants of the event. Here company employees presented the Home Safety board game to the attending boys and girls. Not only were young residents of Sakhalin the first to play the new game, many of them also received game sets as a gift after giving correct answers to thematic questions in the format of specially developed situations.

The organisers of the event had prepared another surprise for the children — an unusual aero-guest appeared on this festive day. In honour of the anniversary of the V.A. Polyakov Search and Rescue Team, which is also celebrated on 1 June (what a coincidence!), a Mi-8 helicopter put on a spectacular show over Cosmos Stadium. The pilots of the aircraft must have been real wizards, no less: despite the bad weather, the rescuers landed the machine and took an “injured person” on board in front of the spellbound crowd of children.

“All partners of the Safety Is Important! programme united their efforts in order to congratulate young Sakhalin residents on the Children’s Day and on the beginning of summer. We have every reason to believe that our guests enjoyed the large-scale educational event with many surprises, and will remember it for a long time. Hopefully, the holiday will contribute to children’s safe behaviour during their summer vacations,” said Anna Lygina, Lead Specialist of the Sakhalin Energy Social Performance Subdivision.

1 June 2019