Sakhalin Energy Held a Meeting of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan Board

A regular meeting of the Board of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan – a joint partnership programme of the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities, the Sakhalin Oblast Government and Sakhalin Energy –was held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Marina Kragina, SIMDP Coordinator, presented information on the programme performance in the current period. The members of the Board reviewed the report of the Executive Committee and the Sakhalin-2 mitigation measures matrix.

Timur Gafarov, OPF Compression Project Development Manager, informed the Board members about the installation of a temporary jetty in the area of Lunskoye Bay and the works to unload large-tonnage equipment scheduled for Q3 – Q4 of this year.

Lyudmila Kravchuk, Chairman of the SIMDP Board, thanked the members of the supreme governing body of the Development Plan for their efficient work and reminded them to take an active part in the programme activities.

The SIMDP partners would like to remind everybody concerned that following the decision of the Executive Committee of 20 May 2019, the Social Development Fund launched the second round of the programme competition. Potential bidders are invited to submit applications in the following programme components: SIM Capacity Building, Traditional Sports Development, and Ethnic Culture Development. Applications will be accepted until 17:00 on 10 June.

For a consultation, please contact Marina Kragina, SIMDP Coordinator, at 38, Kurilskaya Str., Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Tel.: + 7 (4242) 66 20 09; +7 914 759 92 06; fax: + 7 (4242) 66 28 08; e-mail:

29 May 2019