Sakhalin Energy Launches Its Annual Book as a Gift Project, Timed to the All-Russian Day of Libraries

27 libraries of the island, 23 of which host the company’s information centres, will receive gift sets of 13 books each.

Natalya Gonchar, Head of the Sakhalin Energy Information Support and Media Liaison Subdivision, congratulated the library staff on their professional holiday and emphasised the significant role of these institutions in the cultural life of the region. “We hope that our gifts will help the island’s libraries to attract more and more readers, who will get new knowledge and broaden their horizons for the benefit of our region,” she added.
In Sakhalin Energy’s jubilee year, the theme of the gift book set is Great Journeys, which is symbolic: the company began its great journey 25 years ago. For a quarter of a century, it has been an example for other enterprises of the country’s oil and gas industry in finding effective solutions. The selection of books includes the works of great travellers, whose acts of bravery and dedication are impressive and contribution to science — invaluable. They all lived in an era when there were still a lot of “blank spots” on the map of the Earth, and a sea voyage required tremendous courage from the crew and, first of all, from the captain of the expedition.

The book set also includes de-luxe editions — the “golden fund” of Russian and world geographical science. Among them is the book by Marco Polo, one of the most famous travellers in the history of mankind, which was first published at the beginning of the XIV century. In his book, the observant Venetian shared with his contemporaries his observations about the traditions of the Chinese. Another gift edition contains travel notes made during the round-the-world expedition headed by Admiral Stepan Lesovsky. The book describes the adventurous journey from Odessa to Japan and China through the Bosphorus, across the Mediterranean Sea, through the Suez Canal and then across the Indian Ocean. The other editions of the series are devoted to the travels of Grigory Grumm-Grzhimaylo and Mikhail Pevtsov — explorers of Central Asia, Gavriil Sarychev — the greatest oceanographer of his time, the Potanin couple, who covered thousands of kilometres along the unbeaten paths, exploring Altai, Siberia, China, Tibet, Mongolia, and others. 

The gift editions were handed over to the representatives of the libraries by an actor disguised as Gennady Nevelsky, since for us, residents of Sakhalin, the name of the admiral is closely associated with travel and geographical discoveries.

All books of the Great Journeys series are illustrated with unique artistic and documentary materials, as well as accompanied by useful comments and notes. Thanks to the excellent printing quality and the fascinating content, these books will be enjoyed by readers of different ages and will be another reason for them to visit the library again and again. 

23 May 2019