Sakhalin Energy Presented Exercise Machines to Sakhalin Institutions for Children with Special Needs

The beneficiaries were the Kirovskoye Boarding School for Mentally Retarded Children and the Ogonek Makarov Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors.

The valuable gift was the result of the campaign held as part of the Hurry Up For Good Deeds Corporate Charity Programme and timed to the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers in 2018. As is tradition, the beneficiary was selected through an on-line voting, conducted among Sakhalin Energy employees. The campaign was actively supported by employees of all Sakhalin Energy assets: the offshore platforms, the Onshore Processing Facility, the Prigorodnoye Production Complex, and others. Together, they managed to raise more than RUB 800 thousand, the company doubled the amount of donations. Thus, the organisations involved in sports rehabilitation of children with disabilities received donations of more than RUB 1.6 million.

“Sakhalin Energy employees presented us with excellent exercise machines. Now our teachers have an opportunity to conduct activities under the Step Towards rehabilitation programme much more effectively than before. In addition, our students recently watched a charity performance as part of the Golden Mask festival at the invitation of Sakhalin Energy,” said Elena Ezeeva, Director of the Ogonek Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors in Makarov.

As for the Kirovskoye Boarding School, the new equipment will facilitate further development of the Dissolving the Boundaries programme. Sports and fitness classes will considerably contribute to the rehabilitation of children with mental disabilities. After regular training on the exercise machines, children with special needs can move better and communicate with the outside world more freely and confidently.

Today young Sakhalin residents attending these social institutions can practise on the wall-mounted gym ladder, the horseback riding simulator, the treadmills, and also improve their health working out on an elliptical glider exercise machine that simulates a ski trip. The Running on Waves exercise machine—another type of simulator bearing a “literary” name — is particularly popular with children of different ages. Walking and running “on air” will help boys and girls to strengthen the leg muscles, to develop a sense of balance, to improve coordination of movements and general motor skills. 

Last year, two more institutions received the company’s assistance under the programme. The Preodoleniye Rehabilitation Centre for children and adolescents with disabilities was presented with the Owl’s House — a set of sensory-dynamic simulators, which have already been installed and are actively used for physical exercises. In addition, the Centre will soon boast of a renewed fleet of bicycles. The Golden Mustang Equestrian Club received special equipment for children with disabilities and horses, which is to be used during hippotherapy classes. In the near future, the club will have a special custom-made lift to help children using wheelchairs to mount a horse. 

“Ogonek” Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors in Makarov

21 May 2019