Outcomes of the Charity Campaign Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Company, Held as Part of the Hurry Up For Good Deeds Programme

The campaign lasted 25 days—representing the number of years since the company’s inception. Its programme included charity fairs, fund-raising events, creative workshops (Beautiful Food, Industrial Landscape), and tours of Sakhalin Energy production facilities.

It was the first time that charity fairs had been held on the LUN-A offshore platform and at the Prigorodnoye production complex, and the second time—at the Onshore Processing Facility (OPF), the most northern onshore asset of the Sakhalin-2 project.

The campaign raised more than RUB 1.5 million, donated by the company’s employees, their relatives and friends. According to the rules of the Hurry Up For Good Deeds corporate programme, this amount will be doubled by the company.

The beneficiary was selected through an on-line voting conducted among Sakhalin Energy employees. More than RUB 3 million of the raised money will be spent to support organisations involved in the development of gifted disabled children’s creative abilities and the provision of assistance to children in difficult life situations.

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29 April 2019