Sakhalin Energy Specialists Tell Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Schoolchildren About Occupations in the Oil and Gas Industry

The professional orientation event was attended by about a hundred students of senior classes from 13 schools of the regional centre.

“It is up to you to choose your future profession; neither your parents nor your friends can do it for you. And it is very important to make the right choice. We hope that today we will help you with this difficult task, and you will not miss this unique opportunity to ask about everything that you would like to know. It is active and inquisitive school-leavers that will have all doors in the world opened for them,” said Yulia Sergienko, Head of the Sakhalin Energy Social Benefits and Guarantees Section, greeting the young participants of the event.

Five young specialists of the company conducted workshops for the students. Not only did they tell the boys and girls about their professions, but also gave the children practical advice. They shared their memories about the challenges they had faced when choosing a university to go to, and told the audience how they themselves had chosen their profession. 

For instance, Aizhan Utegenova, a Lab Technician at the LNG Plant Analytical Laboratory, had worked in four regions of Russia before she decided to try her luck on Sakhalin. She graduated from two universities to get the qualification of Chemical Technologist.

“Learning is not preparation for life—learning is the life itself. Today I have tried to convey this idea to young Sakhalin residents and persuade them, using my own example, to be brave and try different options, and not to be afraid of making mistakes. High school students should understand that everything is in their hands,” said Aizhan Utegenova. 

The participants of the other workshops learned about the design of the Molikpaq platform, the specific features of working as an Instrumentation and Automation Engineer, the profession of a Process Engineer in the oil and gas industry, and potential career options after university. 

According to Irina Deryabina, Assistant of the Education Department of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Administration, career guidance activities are effective when conducted as early as in primary school. This way, the closer children are to the age when they have to choose their future profession, the more consciously they perceive relevant information. “It is in this period of their lives that young people should meet representatives of different occupations who know all their benefits and considerations, which teachers are not always aware about. Today’s event is an opportunity to see the representatives of some professions in flesh and blood, and to get first-hand information from them,” added Irina Deryabina. 

At the final part of the event—the Active Microphone—the schoolchildren who will go to university next year were given an opportunity to take initiative and ask questions to their young mentors. They were interested in the working conditions at Sakhalin Energy and the participation in the Scholarship Programme, the specific features of training in a particular technical speciality, and finally, the advantages of working at the company that attracts successful graduates of prestigious universities from different parts of the country. The young professionals were unanimous in that Sakhalin Energy was the best of all the companies they had worked at.

1 April 2019