Acting Governor of Sakhalin Oblast Visited Company's Production Asset

Valery Limarenko, Acting Governor of the Sakhalin Oblast, visited Sakhalin Energy's OPF as part of his working trip. Mr Limarenko was met by Sakhalin Energy's team headed by Chief Executive Officer Roman Dashkov.

A visit to the most remote onshore production facility started with a presentation about the OPF and the OPF Compression, one of the Company's growth projects. The OPFC facility is required for further operation of the Lunskoye field and compensation of the formation pressure decline. Successful completion of the OPFC project will enable the Company to maintain LNG production and fulfil its commitments for supply of LNG, including those for supply of natural gas to Sakhalin customers.   

Valery Limarenko has also visited the OPF site and the Central Control Room where the pipelines’ operation is controlled, he saw the facility operations and had a Q&A session with the OPF people and the Lun-A platform team in a video conversation format. 

Валерий Лимаренко и Роман Дашков.JPG
Valeriy Limarenko (left) and Roman Dashkov (right)

‘It is interesting to visit such an important asset. Oil and gas are definitely valuable resources for the Sakhalin Region and Russia, but people are our greatest asset and I was happy to talk to them and discuss issues related to their healthcare and quality of life. It should be noted that nearly 100% of the OPF personnel are Russian citizens with Sakhaliners making up one third of those, which is another proof that the local specialists are highly competent’, noted Valery Limarenko.

Valery Limarenko wrote a message in a distinguished visitors' book, wishing the OPF team good luck and safe work.   

Earlier, the region's leader visited the Prigorodnoye production complex: on 18 February 2019, he attended a special event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of first Russia's LNG plant launch

28 March 2019