A workshop on the basics of grants competitions was hosted by Sakhalin Energy and the GARANT Centre

On 20–21 February the GARANT Social Technologies Centre (Arkhangelsk) and Sakhalin Energy held a workshop titled “The ABC of Grant Competitions” in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The workshop was attended by managers and specialists representing non-commercial organisations, government authorities in charge of grants competitions, and the expert community. Representatives of the Irkutsk Oil Company came to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk specially for the workshop – the experience of Sakhalin Energy and the GARANT Centre in organising and holding grants competitions is highly appreciated in Russia. The participants had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the phase-by-phase procedure of organising a grants competition, and the successful practices of holding them.

“A grants competition is a tool to support the best, and it is only efficient if it is clear and unbiased. However, at every stage of the organising process for such a competition there are many hidden pitfalls, which may reduce the results of this work to nothing. Therefore, it is very important to build this process correctly”, – commented Marina Mikhailova, Director of the GARANT Social Technologies Centre.

The participants discussed their experiences of holding grants contests and learned new information about the nuances in the preparation of the key phases, from developing the documentation to selecting the winners. The workshop organisers gave a special focus to the process of expert review of the contestants’ applications, which must be carried out by experts, and the techniques to assess and monitor the programmes and projects proposed for the grants. 

According to Lead Specialist of the Social Performance Subdivision, Anna Lygina, it is important to be aware the true goal of the competition. “It is not just a pay-out, it is a tool for developing the competencies of the participants, which can be used to stimulate a range of processes, including the dissemination of successful practices, the level of activity of the grantees, etc. The key thing in preparing for the competition is to set the priorities right”, – she added.  

Learning about the ABCs of grants competitions will help the participants not only to summarise their experience, but also to analyse it from the point of view of using the best practices in their activity on the Sakhalin island.

22 February 2019