Prigorodnoye Asset Through the Lens of Public Television of Russia

In early February, before the 10th anniversary of the LNG Plant, the production team of Public Television of Russia spent three days at the Plant to shoot an episode of the Industrial Policy television show about Prigorodnoye Asset.

The production team was hugely impressed by the asset’s scale but most of all by people who became the main characters of the show. Roman Dashkov, Chief Executive Officer of Sakhalin Energy; Alexander Singurov, Deputy Production Director; Natalya Tsarenko, Head of the Environmental Monitoring and Biodiversity Conservation Subdivision; Konstantin Savin, Head of the Laboratory; Anna Shapovalenko, Head of the Production Support Subdivision; Alexander Dostovalov, Junior HSE Specialist; Ivan Vasilyev, Senior Control Room Operator—each of them told about their area of activity to paint the big picture of an extremely challenging but exciting work at the facility. 

"I feel confident about my team every day. It is a kind of a family where everything is people-dependent! In our harsh environment, we join our forces to share a part of our warmth with the local community," Roman Dashkov emphasised in the final scene of the introductory video. 

During live broadcast, Andrey Samatov, Head of the Environmental Protection Division at Sakhalin Energy, and Alexey Knizhnikov, Oil & Gas Programme Leader at the World Wildlife Fund, discussed various aspects of corporate environmental responsibility in today's Russia. 

Based on visit results, Marina Kalinina, anchorwoman of Industrial Policy, commented, “For me, Sakhalin is the island of dreams come true. We flew there after planning a story about oil and gas production on Sakhalin. We were overwhelmed with emotions. Snow, sun, snowstorm, wind, a non-freezing bay, and a frost of 23°С below zero. But we got warm seeing people who work at Sakhalin Energy, who maintain and control the operation of an asset that is unique and strategically significant for Russia."

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19 February 2019