Sakhalin Energy and Korsakov Administration sign a Cooperation Agreement

The Administration of Korsakov Municipality and Sakhalin Energy signed a cooperation agreement to implement the Sustainable Development and Social Investment Programme. This is another stage of the partnership programme that will last till 2021.

The Mayor of Korsakov Municipality Timur Maginsky thanked Sakhalin Energy for supporting social projects. “The Korsakov Partnership Council for Sustainable Development is a small but important milestone in our cooperation with Sakhalin Energy”, Mr Maginsky said. 

The Head of Sakhalin Energy Corporate Affairs Department Andrey Klepikov stressed that the initiatives proposed by grantees made the life of Korsakov community brighter and more interesting. 

Strategic programme management and implementation control will be exercised by the Korsakov Partnership Council for Sustainable Development (the Council) comprising representatives of government, business and community.  

The Council members will evaluate grant proposals together with independent experts. The Council is responsible not only for selecting projects for financing but also for transparency of spending and monitoring over implementation of funded projects.  

The selected social projects will be financed by Sakhalin Energy.  The project covers the following aspects: safety, environment protection and biodiversity, education, culture and arts, public health etc.

As part of the fourth stage of the programme (2016-2018)48 projects and 10 Korsakov settlements received financial support.  The total investments are estimated at 14.6 mln rub.  During this period the Ocean Culture and Recreation Centre was able to implement a record number of projects including opening of rural clubs. 

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13 February 2019