Sakhalin Energy Supports Underwater Robotics for Regional Educational System

The Underwater Explorations and Robotics programme has been adopted as a new learning opportunity for children taking extracurricular activities at the Creative Youth Centre in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The project is supported by Sakhalin Energy as part of the ENERGY Social Initiatives Fund activities.

“It is a special pleasure to launch this new project on the Science Day. It opens up great opportunities for Sakhalin kids to master technical professions, which are in high demand in this region hosting offshore oil and gas developments", says Anna Lygina, Senior Specialist Social Performance.

Build-Your-Own Robot Kits have been bought for the project. The robots built using these kits can be used for search and rescue operations and geological surveys of the sea bottom, flora and fauna.
Roman Vakhitov, a Supplementary Education Teacher at the Creative Youth Centre, explains that high school students will be first taught basic programming. Then they will learn how to make robots and operate them under the water. The group will study and train twice a week. This extracurricular education will help students to gain knowledge and skills for their future careers. This may encourage them to go to college for further education.

According to Project Manager Olga Kolesnichenko, although Sakhalin has most diverse bodies of water, the island has no operating child underwater research groups. Also, underwater robotics is a new area for regional education. Therefore, the initiative to develop underwater robot design skills in children is highly relevant to the island needs. 



8 February 2019