Round Table Discussion in the State Duma: How to Attract Young People to the Arctic and the Far East

On December 17, a round table titled ‘Legal Framework for Developing Mechanisms to Attract Young Specialists to the Arctic and the Far East’ was held in the Malyi Zal conference room of the Russian State Duma. It was attended by members of the State Duma, official from ministries and agencies, representatives of Russia's various regions, university students and faculty, and schoolchildren. Representatives of Sakhalin Energy also took part in the round table at the invitation of the organiser — the Committee for Regional Policy and Problems of the North and the Far East.

In his opening speech, Nikolay Kharitonov, Chairman of the Organising Committee, called the Far East and the Arctic “Russia’s storehouse with unique nature” and expressed his confidence that “someday young people will be eager to move to the Far East, and there will even be a waiting list for an opportunity to do so.” Artur Chilingarov, the Hero of Russia, a Duma deputy, famous scientist and explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, pointed out that no new territories can possibly be developed without human resources. “Today my task is to listen to various opinions and think through how to enshrine good initiatives in law,” explained A. Chilingarov.

Almost all the speakers at the round table stressed that the lack of qualified personnel was a serious problem. They also emphasised the necessity both to retain young residents of the Far East and the Arctic region in their homeland, and to attract young people from donor regions. In their final recommendations, the round table participants underlined the importance of positioning and promoting the image of the Far East as a dynamically developing region that provides excellent opportunities for career growth.

Today, the Far East has much more to offer newcomers than just “fog and the smell of the taiga.” There are modern industrial companies with highly-developed corporate culture and production standards operating in the region, which provide jobs and open up great career prospects.

“Present-day young people are destined to play a key role in the implementation of strategic initiatives to expand the existing LNG production and sales markets, and to introduce new technological solutions. Our company has all the necessary mechanisms to attract the youth to Sakhalin,” asserted Alexander Morogov, Head of Sakhalin Energy HR Subdivision. “Young people often have a vague idea of the region, the situation and job opportunities in it. This has to be changed using various resources, including those which are popular with the young generation, especially the virtual space and social networks.”

Searching for ways to solve the set tasks, many participants noted the importance of federal projects such as the Days of the Far East, recently held in the capital of the country. The events organised as part of the project were attended by approximately 25 thousand people or more, including schoolchildren and students of many Moscow universities.

17 December 2018