Sakhalin Energy Has Signed Contracts with Leonardo S.p.A. and Gazprom Avia for the Supply and Maintenance of Helicopters

The signing ceremony took place in the Moscow office of PAO Gazprom in the presence of Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee.

“Transport of employees to remote sites is one of the key elements of the company’s operations; therefore, given the difficult weather conditions on Sakhalin Island, safety and quality issues remain in the focus of our attention. These requirements are met by the AW189 class helicopter, which is not only a safe, but also powerful machine. I am very pleased that we are signing these contracts, and I hope that this will be one of the leading areas of our cooperation. I wish you all successful work; let the number of landings be the same as the number of takeoffs!” said Alexander Medvedev.

Sakhalin Energy and Leonardo S.p.A. agreed on the contract for the supply of three twin-engine AW189 super-medium-class helicopters. The aircraft will be used for the air transport support of the Sakhalin-2 project. The delivery of the first helicopter is scheduled for early 2020.

The document was signed by Roman Dashkov, Chief Executive Officer of Sakhalin Energy, and Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director of the Helicopters Division at Leonardo S.p.A.

The modern reliable AgustaWestland AW189 model meets the Russian design standards and is equipped with all latest means necessary to ensure passenger safety in accordance with international requirements.

The decisive argument in favour of this helicopter model was its maximum suitability for operation in harsh climatic conditions of Sakhalin Island. The AW189 helicopter is equipped with an up-to-date Full Ice Protection System (FIPS), which has successfully passed many tests and received the required certification from the Federal Agency for Air Transport for use in the Russian Federation.

The AW189 class machines will be operated by the Russian company Gazprom Avia under the Sakhalin-2 international project, based on the signed agreement for the provision of aviation services. The terms of the agreement include helicopter flight operations, aircraft maintenance, and flight readiness assurance. The services of Gazprom Avia are required for project personnel transport, emergency medical transportation, search and rescue operations, as well as oil spill response.

The document was signed by Roman Dashkov, Chief Executive Officer of Sakhalin Energy, and Andrey Ovcharenko, General Director of Gazprom Avia.

At the signing ceremony, Roman Dashkov said: “It is symbolic that we are completing the year with such an important event as the signing of contracts for the supply and maintenance of three helicopters, which will ensure the transport of company employees to remote Sakhalin Energy assets. This cooperation chain is of great benefit to all. It will directly result in safe air transportation and reliable service of offshore oil and gas assets in the harsh climatic conditions of the Sakhalin shelf. This is a big step forward for the Russian industry, as well as for international cooperation.” 

“The latest purchase order confirms that Leonardo’s modern product range is highly competitive in the international oil and gas market, and further enhances the reputation of the AW189 model in Russia and around the world for its excellent performance, new design, latest certification standards, and economic efficiency. We are confident that the AW189 machines will allow Sakhalin Energy to make a qualitative leap in the development of operational capabilities,” said Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director of the Helicopters Division at Leonardo S.p.A.

Andrey Ovcharenko, General Director of Gazprom Avia, expressed his gratitude to the Sakhalin Energy management for entrusting Gazprom Avia with the task to provide aviation services for the company. “We highly value our business partnership and attach great importance to its further strengthening. I am convinced that the future, filled with the new life energy, will multiply what we have achieved, and open up new opportunities and prospects for our companies!” he concluded.

На фото Александр Медведев, Роман Дашков и Джан Пьеро Кутилло

На фото Александр Медведев, Роман Дашков и Андрей Овчаренко

Участники церемонии подписания договоров

21 December 2018