Environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (2003)
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Addendum (2005)
    • Technical Western Gray Whale Environmental Impact Assessment (2003)
    • Lunskoye Seismic Survey EIA
    • Integrated environmental, social and health impact assessment for OPF compression project, 2016
    • The International ESHIA, 4D seismic survey at Piltun-Astokh and Lunskoye, June 2015
    • Acoustic footprint modelling of planned Piltun-Astokh 4D seismic survey, March 2015
    • Comparative Environmental Analysis of the Piltun Astokh Field Pipeline Route Options
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Report South Piltun Site Survey, June 2012
    • A Comparison of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System with the Sakhalin-2 Phase 2 Pipeline Transportation System (2003)
    • Piltun-Astokhskoye Field Seismic Programme EIA, April 2010