Dear website visitors, 

The COVID-19 pandemic is imminently defining our current reality.

As ever, safety and health of the personnel remain the key priorities of Sakhalin Energy. Therefore, the company strictly follows all federal and regional directives and recommendations as well as introduces extensive preventive anti-epidemic measures both at its production assets and in the offices.

Thus, the company formed emergency response teams, transferred most of the employees into remote work mode, extended rotation shifts, closed all recreational centers, and limited personnel business travels. It also introduced stricter requirements to personal hygiene and obligatory health control for the employees and visitors at all its venues. Special focus is made on timely information updates for the personnel and all the parties involved.

Despite all the restrictive measures in the country and around the globe, Sakhalin Energy continues its operations as planned and fulfills all its obligations. In cooperation with the contractors, Sakhalin Energy actively works on reducing the risks in the field of materials supply and services provision under signed agreements. For instance, to ensure uninterrupted logistical support of the production assets, new supply routes that avoid the regions with the adverse epidemiological situation have been established. 

Under COVID-19 pandemic conditions the company initiated several focus projects aimed at support of healthcare, educational and social protection institutions of the Sakhalin Oblast during coronavirus pandemic.

Projects to support healthcare system:
Transfer of equipment to the Sakhalin Regional Hospital
Transfer of equipment to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hospital

Projects to support education and social safety net of the most vulnerable groups in society:
Grant contest “Digital transformation of educational and social services”
Winners of the first round of the rant contest “Digital transformation of educational and social services”

As an extra measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pursuant to Sakhalin Governor’s Executive Orders, entry to Sakhalin Oblast is not restricted. More information is available here.

We continue closely monitoring the situation. Please check the following official sources for the latest and comprehensive information on COVID-19 along with the most effective personal protective measures:

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