20th anniversary

In 2014 Sakhalin Energy celebrates its 20th anniversary. In the last 20 years the company has become a global leader in oil and gas industry, and one of the key players in the Asia Pacific energy markets.

Over the years Sakhalin Energy attained many impressive achievements, true milestones in the history of Russian and international oil and gas production. “First ever”, “one and only” and “unique” were the words associated with the company from its first year of operation.

In 1994 Sakhalin Energy signed first Russian Production Sharing Agreement.

In 1998 the company installed Molikpaq – the first Russian offshore oil platform. In 1999, the first commercial oil flowed off the platform on the continental shelf of Russia.

Sakhalin Energy built first two Russian ice-resistant fixed offshore platforms. Base structures of the offshore platforms are among the largest man-made portable objects. Several world records were set during transportation and installation of the Piltun-Astokhkoye-B and Lunskoye-A base structures.

Piltun-Astokhskoye-B platform

Sakhalin Energy built the first Russian LNG plant. The LNG plant in Prigorodnoye has been officially inaugurated in February 2009 by Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, then President of the Russian Federation. In March 2009 the first cargo of Sakhalin-produced LNG has been delivered to the buyers.

Russia has become one of the key players in the promising Asia Pacific markets through the efforts of Sakhalin Energy. Roughly 4% of global supply of LNG comes from the Prigorodnoye production complex.

LNG plant

Sakhalin-2 contracts gave boost to many Sakhalin-based and Russian companies. Working under Sakhalin-2, Russian companies are acquiring unique knowledge and skills, implement new technology, and improve safety standards and quality of services.

Also, the project stimulates the growth of public works on Sakhalin Island, such as roads, bridges, seaports, airfields, hospitals etc. The company had contributed over USD 600 million to fund internal improvements.

Tanker loading unit

Sakhalin-2 phase 2 financing had reached USD 6.7 billion – the largest project financing operation in Russia. This massive investment reflects lenders’ confidence in Sakhalin Energy production potential and corporate responsibility.

LNG jetty

Several projects initiated by the company in the fields of ecology and social development have been internationally acclaimed.

Sakhalin Energy is confidently moving toward its primary objective – to be the premier energy source for Asia Pacific.

Sakhalin Energy would like to express its profound gratitude to its shareholders, employees, contractors and partners for tremendous contribution, dedication and loyalty.

Art exhibition from the Russian State Museum (Saint-Petersburg) "Five Centuries of Russian Art"